Disc Account banned I will be letting go of my entire (larger than most all nfa vendors combined) stock, and leaving the scene. Until then, I will continue to udpate the site to my best ability, and if any issues happen please submit a site ticket,. I am LEAVING THE 50% OFF COUPON UNTIL WE CLOSE!!! EXPECT A RESTOCK 3/2/2024 https://discord.gg/atro Check FA val accs in stock while 50% coupon up.. 125$ acc 62.5$ Atro 50off - 50% off


Atro Valorant and League Account Shop NFA/FA


What is NFA

NFA Stands for Not Full Access - these accounts are not sold more than one time - but they are not able to change the password or email. These have a possibility of being password changed in the future, sometimes it takes a day sometimes people can go permanently with accounts.

What is FA? What is inactive/active?

FA stands for full access - there's two meanings to this in my perspective. #1 would be true full access - this is an account created originally by me with the ability to provide you every relevant recovery detail. #2 Normal FA most often seen with variety server accounts - This is unverified mail and password changeable, there are warranties on these accounts that aren't as minimal as regular inactive or active accounts and also usually have lasted months without bother.

Why should I buy my League or Valorant accounts from Atroshop?

We strive to make sure you leave happy. As long as you are respectful and patient with any issues we will often make sure you don't leave with what you came with but more. We stay true to our customers in providing an honest product that is not publicly resold like most vendors.

Will I keep NFAs forever?

Anything is possible but the answer is very likely a no. Do not buy with the intentions on keeping these forever. I will usually give you one shot to understand as a new customer if a mistake is made but past that I will completely avoid working with repeat problem customers.

Are your handleveleds safe?

My handleveleds have been sold hundreds of times via discord and other means. There's been 0 non-self caused issues (cheating etc) - we strive to ensure you have every detail on the accs creation, and after 7 days (for your own safety the data is deleted from our systems).

Can I request a specific skin or acc type?

Yes you can, but expect to pay more. The purpose of this site is to take a load of work off my shoulders - because I am constantly working with the other part of my business, if you are interested head over to the discord.

Is there a warranty on these products?

For NFA active accs - you have a 1 hour replacement policy in the event info is invalid - for inactive - you have a 24 hour warranty, these are for replacements no refund will be administered under any circumstance except stock is not available. For true FA accs - handlvls, aged smurfs, etc you have a lifetime warranty - this is voided if you are banned for any reason - in regards to aged smurfs i will investigate further. For regular FA accs you are given a much longer warranty than NFA inactives that is discussable further on an acc by acc basis.

Where can I find FA valorant accounts with skins?

We host these in discords in their own channels > https://discord.gg/atroshop

When will x be back in stock?

We likely have it just not on site - this is because it is quite draining to restock the website every two days, so we will often do it bi weekly or once a week. If something is out of stock please feel free to hop over to the discord at https://discord.gg/atroshop to let us know.

I've received no response to my ticket, how do I get in contact wtih you?

Tickets are the #1 worst way to get ahold of me, if you have any issues please contact me at: https://discord.gg/atroshop Discord: atroshop TG: Atroshp


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